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I really like Dr Hughes and his staff! He’s very genuine and honest and always tells me in detail about my options and makes sure I understand everything about them. His assistants are fun and nice and the ladies up front are awesome! I would highly recommend this dentist office! 2

Liz C.

The office staff is fantastic, particularly Marlo the office manager. I really enjoy her refreshing fun personality. I lost a crown and she was nice enough to meet me on the weekend to fix it, when the office was closed! Very easy to work with.

Colbie M.

Love this dentist and the whole crew. Safe, friendly and thorough! Best technology and awesome staff

Jade S.

They are amazing! Every single person is so friendly and welcoming. And Dr. Hughes’ singing is phenomenal!

Cathryn A.

Really really awesome staff and service!


Alta view dental care is the best dentist office I've been to. I'm totally terrified of dentists and Dr Hughes was very kind and caring and made my experience great. Their entire office staff is amazing and goes out of their way to get you you the most affordable and best dental care you can recieve. Their dental assistants are just as amazing at making you feel comfortable during your visit. I highly recommend Dr Hughes if you're looking for exceptional dental care .

Kimberly P.

Dr Hughes and Becky are super great. I just moved to Utah from LA and I never thought I’d find the right dentist for me and this is it! So welcoming and you feel at home. They make me feel as comfortable as possible and are so detail oriented walking me through all the steps and reassuring me that they will help me with any dental needs. Not only are they great dentists they are great conversationalists as well. Every time I go in for an appointment they go above and beyond! My appointments are always super fun because I can joke with them and just pretty much talk about anything and everything. My last appointment I ran into some issues and I was about 30 minuets late I felt terrible but the second I walked in they made sure that I was still taken care of and hopped right into my appointment with absolutely no rush. You can tell when a business is either money hungry pushy and I can tell you that they are not it. No matter what cost they don’t even push you to pay they just get the job done and reach out to me later for payment. Everyone that works here is amazing and fun and understanding, especially if you’re a college student. And because my gums are super sensitive I was given not one but three Tooth pastes for sensitive gums and two flossing little tubes and a super soft tooth brush and some hand cream after my visit!! The only thing I look forward to at the dentist is the awesome gifts afterwards. Love it. Awesome service will be making this my go to dental ! Thank you Alta view my teeth look awesome!


Great, friendly staff. Good location, and very kid friendly

Madison H.

This dentist is by far the best and most caring dentist in the world. The assistant Becky is so kind and just puts your mind at ease. I hate dentists but will forever go here.

Melissa b.

After not seeing a dentist for a few years, I was quite hesitant to go back. After combing through Yelp views, I stumbled upon Alta View's high ratings and am glad I did! Dr Hughes, his hygienist and office staff was the perfect choice! All staff was extremely friendly and made me feel very comfortable and seemed completely non judgmental about it being so long since I'd seen a dentist. I don't think I remember ever having such a thorough exam and cleaning. Nor do I remember ever feeling so fresh, clean, sparkly and smiley after a cleaning. Because of their thoroughness and willingness to chat about any questions and concerns I could possibly come up with, this appointment did last a bit longer than I remember others lasting. But if you have to be at a dentist anyways, you may as well get your time and money's worth. I was very pleased with my experience, and although no follow up appointments were needed (fortunately), I am so happy I've found a dentist who I can comfortably see every six months and keep up on my dental care from now on!

Jessica M.

Really impressed with Alta View Dental! Thank you!

Nick H.

If you're reading this review.... You probably don't have anyone close to you in the Salt Lake valley, with an opinion (on local dentists) that you can trust. Not that you can trust me either, but I'll tell you what I've learned over the last ~15 years with Dr. Hughes and his staff. You can see for yourself, if you decide to give their practice a try. *He sings. Dr Hughes. He sings and hums. Not loudly, or obnoxiously, but little, light, usually happy tunes from years gone by. Sometimes his staff will join along, sometimes they'll just smile and playfully give him a hard time. Regardless, if you don't want a happy, singing dentist... Go somewhere else. This office has people who enjoy what they do, even if it involves all the normal dental-related unpleasantries. *Time is precious. If you're running 5 minutes late, expect a call. Don't get me wrong, there's no over-inflated sense self-importance, or weird domineering business practices going on here... This office works on courtesy and trust. You said you'd be here on a certain day and time. They have always been there in the earliest, coldest, and darkest of mornings, for us. Please respect that. I'm usually 5-10 minutes late and it makes me feel terrible. They've never shamed or lectured me, but I know others could be in the chair getting help, but I took the spot. *Opiates. There was a time when Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, etc. were handed out more freely than they are today. Addiction and death have changed that. Do not expect to get these drugs here. This isn't an office of new professionals eager to, "heal the world" at any cost. Your sad story isn't going to work here. If you're hooked on opiates, benzos and the like... Go get the help you need, or take your addictions elsewhere. I don't want you ruining the people and practice I've come to love and rely on. I don't know if you've got it from my review, but I LOVE coming to the dentist! Well... THIS dentist :) The thing is, I think they are love me too! HIPAA Compliance will prevent them acknowledging that, but I don't need them to. They keep seeing me, year after year... And that's plenty for me :)

Warren M.

Dr Hughes and his staff are the best! Dr Hughes actually called me the day after a procedure to make sure I was doing ok I’ve never had a dentist do that before 😊.

marnie l.

The office manager isvery knowledgeable and so friendly! The staff is incredible professional and polite.

Olga G.

Great family dentist. I am thankful that this office does not try to upsale or do things that are not needed. Friendly, honest and warm. Marlo is the best addition to this office she really knows how to explain everything and is always willing to help you out.


Look, I seldom go to the dentist. There's a considerable fear involved because previous dentists just never used enough anesthesia, so the experience has always been torturous for me. Unfortunately, my tooth broke, and after placing several calls, Marlo, the office manager, took mercy. Not only did she fit me in on an emergency basis, but they all stayed late to give me a temporary crown and they said they would come in over the weekend to fabricate a permanent one. Everyone there was caring and considerate. Dr. Hughes was kind, understanding, and made sure to give me adequate anesthetic; Marlo, whose concern I already mentioned, and Susie, the technician who helped create the crown, was very nice, too. The word is used perhaps a bit too often, yet this practice truly is awesome. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Daniel N.

Very friendly, caring and professional.

J B.

Been going to see Dr. Huhges for years, I now live in tooele and still drive in to see him. Staff is always so friendly.

Mecha R.

I have been a patient of Alta View Dental Care for over 23 years. Dr Hughes and his staff are Awesome to work with . Always so pleasant to work with you and very accommodating to your needs and your schedule. They take the time to get to know you and your not just another number. When my children were small toddlers I brought them in and they always made the visits such a non- threatening fun experience , my children never had any hesitation going to the dentist, in fact they enjoyed going. This is huge in helping them keep their dental care on track as adults. I highly recommend this office as your Dental care choice!

Kimberly H.

Becky attentively addresses my muscle tension caused by clenching through the TruDenta therapies.

Deanna B.

Dr. Hughes has been our dentist for 28 years. We appreciate his skilled and friendly dentistry along with his equally skilled and friendly co-workers: hygienists, dental assistant and office manager.

Shawn O.

A staff that listens and gives you all the options so you can make informed decisions.

Bess B.

My visit to Dr. Hughes office was very good. Good professionals and very pleasant. I would definitely recommended.

Antonio B.

It was great experience going there for cleaning!! Everyone that worked there were so nice as well. The office manager is absolutely the most efficient and organized worker I have ever met. Especially doctor Hughes is the greatest!!

Brenden W.

After a horrible experience with my last dentist, a friend (and long time customer of Dr. Hughes) recommended Alta View Dental Care to me. I don't live in Sandy, but the short drive there was SO WORTH the trip!!! Dr. Hughes over delivered! He was knowledgeable, accommodating, and made sure I was comfortable. I've never enjoyed going to the dentist but, I must admit, this was quite a pleasant experience - not to mention competitively priced! This dentist certainly lived up to his reputation, which is always a nice surprise. I would refer Alta View Dental Care to all of my friends and family without a moment's hesitation.

Natalie L.


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