Extraction is a dental procedure that is performed to remove an irreparable or impacted tooth. It is a surgical process that helps to terminate the spread of infections in the mouth. At Alta View Dental Care, the dentists recommend extractions for patients to alleviate the pain caused by infection. 

Who is a candidate for Extraction?

  • Patients who have an impacted wisdom tooth are a candidate for Extraction. 
  • Tooth decay and badly damaged teeth need to be extracted to avoid the spread of bacteria in the mouth.
  • Patients with crowded teeth require the removal of the extra teeth to avoid bite conditions.
  • Some patients require the removal of teeth for proper alignment of the teeth during orthodontic treatment. 
  • A tooth damaged due to gum diseases requires Extraction. 

The procedure of Extraction

The dentist initiates the extraction procedure by analyzing the requirement for the process. There are two major types of extractions which are simple and Surgical Extraction. 

During a simple extraction, the dentist provides anesthesia to the patient to numb the extraction site. A dental tool named the elevator is used to pull out the impacted tooth from the gums. It is performed by general dentists and requires only one dental appointment. 

A surgical extraction involves the removal of a broken tooth or a tooth that has not erupted from the gums. The dentists make a small incision on the gums after administering the patient with anesthesia. The tooth is removed from the gums using dental tools. An oral surgeon and a general dentist attend to the surgical extraction process. 

Recovery after Extraction

Mild pain and discomfort after an extraction procedure are normal and can be controlled using over-the-counter medicines prescribed by dentists. Patients are advised to reduce activities for a span of 24 hours to aid better healing of the extraction site. An ice pack can be placed to reduce the swelling caused by the process.

The patient should strictly refrain from smoking as it causes dental complications and may reverse the treatment. In case of any discomfort, the patient should visit the dentist for a checkup. 

Extraction is essential for patients with impacted teeth as it helps to avoid further dental complications.

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