Oral surgery

Oral surgery

Oral surgery is a surgical procedure performed to correct deformities in the mouth. It is performed by specialized dentists like endodontists, periodontists, and prosthodontists. These dental surgeons address various dental issues through simple or complex procedures. At Alta View Dental Care, we have dental surgeons who can provide oral surgeries with the help of modern technologies. 

Facts About Oral Surgery 

  • Oral surgery addresses the underlying dental issues and prevents loss of teeth.
  • It could help to treat Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders. 
  • Bite conditions like overbite, underbite, and crossbite can be treated through oral surgery.
  • Oral surgery can replace a damaged tooth and reinstate its functionality.
  • The surgeries can help to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the patient. 

Types of Oral Surgeries

Tooth Extraction

Some dental conditions are irreparable and can cause extreme pain to the patient. For these, the dentist would recommend tooth extraction, which helps to alleviate the pain. The most common extraction is performed for impacted wisdom teeth. An incision is made on the gums and the tooth is extracted using dental tools. A suture is placed into the gums to aid in the healing of the extraction site. 

Dental Implants

Patients who have undergone tooth loss will require a replacement. A dental implant is an excellent treatment that restores the tooth’s functionality and the aesthetic appearance of the patient. The dentist will implant a metal post into the jawbone, which will function as the root of the tooth. 

An artificial tooth is then mounted on top of the implant, which serves as a functional tooth of the patient. The entire procedure is performed through two or more appointments. The treatments provide long-lasting results. 

Bone Graft Surgery

Some patients tend to have a bone mass deficiency. This condition can make some people ineligible for treatments like dental implants. To address this, the dentist will perform bone graft surgery. Taking bone tissue from other parts of the body, the dental surgeon will attach it to the existing bone to create enough bone mass. 

Oral surgeries offer different treatments for severe dental issues of patients. The outcomes of these surgeries are long-lasting and offer long-term benefits to patients by restoring dental function and preventing significant damages to dental health. 

Alta View Dental care, located in Sandy, UT, has modern technologies and the best dentists who offer the best oral surgery treatments. Call us at (801) 572-4261 and book a consultation to know more about oral surgery and other dental care services.


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